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Product Design

Your product is often the first experience that a customer or user has with your organization. Understand and innovate that experience with effective product strategies, user research, product design, ux testing, engineering and manufacturing.

Akendi product designers

We help to:

  • Discover the optimal product experience
  • Create a product experience that is effective and engaging
  • Efficiently manage your product engineering, mvp's and enhancements
With a responsive design that adjusts for easy viewing on any device, our new website is convenient and accessible.”
Bill Fisch York Region Chairman and CEO

Creating successful product experiences requires a proven approach:

Strategy category



Product Strategy and Competitive Analysis 

Develop a product strategy and strong competitive analysis that will attract the right users and connect them with the experience they need.


Product Discovery Workshops 

In highly collaborative sessions, we discover business, design and technology aspects critical to the success of your product.


Product Journey Mapping 

Understand and capture your product experience journey through the eyes of your users and customers.


Product user research 

Deeply understand your product users, what they expect, need and how they really use your product.

Research category



Product Rendering and Simulation 

Simulate materials, colourways, lighting and branding using the latest in AI rendering software. Produce realistic marketing materials in pre-production.


Finite Element Analysis 

Simulate moulding and strength characteristics using advanced computer simulations that de-risk your designs.


Product Prototyping 

Rapid prototyping to test functionality, human factors, ergonomics and fitment.

Design category



Product Design 

Ensure that customers and users want to use your product. Designed for engagement, trust and enjoyment.


Industrial Design 

Achieve an instant 'I want this' with your industrial designs. Deliver new experiences that improve the lives of your customers and users.


MVP Design 

Make sure that your MVP stands out from the crowd. With relevant functionality and usable designs for its users.


Product Regulatory Compliance 

Make sure your product experience is compliant with regulatory requirements.


Patents and IP 

Protect your product innovations with solid patents and ip consulting.


UI UX Design for Products 

Align physical product experiences with digital experiences through our holistic UX design for your product.

Testing category



Product ux testing 

Launch your product experience with confidence and identify priority areas for optimization.

Innovation category



Design for Manufacturing (DFM) 

Manufacture and design the product experience with confidence, on time, and within budget.


Product Manufacturing Management 

Manufacture your product experience with confidence using our decades of experience in manufacturing management.

Construction category



Product Development 

Ensure a high-calibre product experience with professional product development.


Mechanical Engineering 

Launch your product experience with confidence with our mechanical engineering services.


Electrical Engineering 

Make sure your product experience is supported well with our electrical engineering services.

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About Akendi

Akendi is a human experience design firm, leveraging equal parts experience research and creative design excellence. We provide strategic insights and analysis about customer and user behaviour and combine this knowledge with inspired design. The results enable organizations to improve effectiveness, engage users and provide remarkable customer experiences to their audiences.