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To advocate effectively for your members and represent their interests, you need to know what they care about.

The Challenge

It can be hard to keep up with members' changing needs.

Your members don't stand still. So your association can't afford to, either. But evolving what you offer — and how you deliver — can be a challenge, especially with outdated experiences, siloed operations and an audience whose attention is tough to keep.

Our recommendations

Pinpoint member needs

Use research to sharpen your understanding of who your members are, what they care about, and what they need from your association.

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Our recommendations

Plan to bring value

Build a strategy around what your members care about so you can tailor your programs and services — today and into the future.

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Our recommendations

Elevate your voice

With an informed design approach, make your brand a tool to forge real, lasting relationships with members as they evolve.

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Association clients we've helped

Association clients
we’ve helped

Alberta Motor Association

Canadian Real Estate Association

College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

Municipal Information Systems Association

Ontario Medical Association

Ontario Real Estate Association

Young Presidents' Organization


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