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Digital transformation brings many business benefits. It also brings questions — like how, when and where to start?

The Challenge

There’s a better way to do things, but change means risk.

It’s easy to resist change when the reputational stakes are high and you’re not sure which direction to choose. But with disruptive competition on the rise, the need to be more efficient and customer-focused has never been greater.

Our recommendations

See the big picture

Gain objective insights through research to understand your space, your competitors and what your customers need most.

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Our recommendations

Take steps, then leaps

Bring predictability and a manageable pace through a stepped, systematic approach that guarantees momentum without too much change at once.

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Our recommendations

Use informed design

Apply research at the design phase to ensure interactions match your clients’ behaviours and your brand resonates emotionally.

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Finance & Insurance clients we've helped

Finance & Insurance clients
we’ve helped


Blueshore Financial


Credit Suisse

Cybersource - VISA


Insurance Institute of Canada




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About Akendi

Akendi is a human experience design firm, leveraging equal parts experience research and creative design excellence. We provide strategic insights and analysis about customer and user behaviour and combine this knowledge with inspired design. The results enable organizations to improve effectiveness, engage users and provide remarkable customer experiences to their audiences.