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Testing & Review

By learning through review and test cycles, we achieve the best designs. Ensure you’re making the best design decisions, protect your investments, and confidently go to market with well-tested products and services.

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Validate the Experience

With experience testing, you can be sure that you invest in the best ideas and send only best products and services to market.

Customer experience concept testing by Akendi Go

CX Concept Testing2 - 5 weeks

Gather quantitative data about which customer experience ideas are worthwhile to invest in.

Brand concept testing by Akendi Go

Brand Concept Testing4 - 8 weeks

Identify the optimal brand identity and de-risk your branding investment with rich test data.

UI UX usability testing by Akendi Go

UI UX Concept Testing3 - 6 weeks

Discover which new ideas for interfaces and experiences your users will value most.


Improve the Experience

When you need concrete feedback on the performance of a concept or existing offering, our testing services provide the insight.

Web usability testing by Akendi Go

Web Usability Testing3 - 5 weeks

Launch your website or web portal with the confidence of clear evidence that it can be successfully used.

Service experience testing by Akendi Go

Service Experience Testing2 - 6 weeks

Be certain that you’ve created a service experience, and focus your investments in high-value areas.

UX Usability review analysis by Akendi Go

Usability Reviews1 - 3 weeks

Launch your product or service experience with confidence based on reviews by trained experts.

Eye tracking research testing by Akendi Go

Eye Tracking Studies3 - 6 weeks

Look through the eyes of your user to understand how they see and interact with your brand, product, service, or content.

UX testing sprint by Akendi Go

UX Testing Sprint1 - 2 weeks

Test your UX offering fast and with certainty so that users can successfully complete tasks and find what they need.

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About Akendi

Akendi is a human experience design firm, leveraging equal parts experience research and creative design excellence. We provide strategic insights and analysis about customer and user behaviour and combine this knowledge with inspired design. The results enable organizations to improve effectiveness, engage users and provide remarkable customer experiences to their audiences.