The City of Markham improves residents’ access to government services and creates a sense of pride with the redesign of its website.


User Research, Responsive Web UX Design, Content Audit, Usability Testing & Front-end Dev.


Case study overview
City of Markham UX Web Design

The challenge

The City of Markham is home to a growing and diverse population in the Greater Toronto Area. The City is recognized as being a leading, innovative, dynamic and change oriented municipality with a strong drive for excellence but its website didn’t reflect their reputation.

City of Markham web design City of Markham webdesign
City of Markham web designs City of Markham webdesigns

Our approach

Akendi conducted stakeholder workshops and user interviews to determine both organizational and user goals, defining who was using the website and when. Akendi then completely restructured the website, making information available in a way that makes sense to residents, whether they are at home or using their mobile devices on-the-go.

The visual design uses a bright, lively colour palette to create a sense of energy while the photography highlights areas to promote civic pride and entice exploration.

City of Markham web styleguide design City of Markham web styleguide designs City of Markham web style guide UX design City of Markham web style guide UX designs

City of Markham stakeholders are thrilled with the results of the website redesign and are eagerly awaiting launch. The new service based and human-centred approach will help them deliver city services quickly and efficiently. The restructured site will inspire pride in the city and engage users as they interact with their website.

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