Ontario Medical Association Website - Case Study
Case Study
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Ontario Medical Association Website
Project Description


Ontario Medical Association


Stakeholder Research, User Research,
Card Sorting, Information Architecture,
Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front End Code

Delivering added value to Ontario physicians.

The new Ontario Medical Association website is helping doctors access key educational,
outreach, and membership information.

Case Study
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The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) represents the political, clinical, and economic interests of physicians in Ontario. To provide members with better service, the OMA wanted a new, modern website that showcased OMA’s value and served as a useful member resource. In addition to making key member resources easy to find, the site needed to be a welcoming destination that met web accessibility standards.


Through extensive user research, Akendi gained a deep understanding of what physicians were seeking from the site. This knowledge helped Akendi create an attractive and usable design that focused on the most important member needs while reflecting the experience of being a doctor. Akendi also conducted usability tests to ensure that the labelling, language, and content used on the updated site resonated with medical professionals.


Thanks to the work of Akendi, OMA has been able to improve member perceptions of the association. The site’s responsive, user-centered visual design offers users a welcoming and meaningful place to visit and explore. Physicians are now able to move through the site with ease, find relevant information, and complete their tasks more efficiently.

Case Study