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News & Events
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Akendi Client Erica Wiebe Wins Gold

May 8, 2018 Akendi would like to congratulate client Erica Wiebe for her second consecutive Commonwealth Games gold medal. The Stittsville Ontario native won the women’s 76-kilogram class gold medal at the recent games held in Gold Coast, Australia. Akendi recently developed a powerful logo that reflects Wiebe’s unique characteristics and voice, and is proud to have worked with this back-to-back Canadian champion!

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Akendi’s Dominira Saul runs UX Strategy workshop at CANUX

Nov 2, 2017 Many UX methodologies and artifacts are seen as tactical approaches to solving product or service issues. These tactics tend to be bottom up approaches to UX. There is real power however in applying the principles of UX on a strategic level to promote change toward a more user/customer centric way of working.

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IOT Student Design Competition

May 1, 2017 Four teams were tasked to design and develop IoT concepts with mentorship from the IOT613 conference industry partners and judges.

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Why should you have UX in your organisation?

Apr 27, 2017 Leo Poll talks about why you should have UX embedded in your organisation. A meeting of the User Experience SIG in Cambridge. This SIG is championed by Marine Barbaroux of Cambridge Consultants, Stefano Borini, Geoff McCormick, Allan MacLean of Amdeo, and Leo Poll of Akendi UK.

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IOT613: Internet of Things Conference

Sep 29-30, 2016 CapCHI and Akendi are excited to host IoT613 – Ottawa’s Internet of Things conference. IoT613 2016 is about learning and exchanging ideas on the ways that connected technology is changing our society.

When it comes to your customers and users, we want you to be as well-informed and equipped as possible. Here you can download handy reference tools to improve your knowledge of the UX research and design process.

Experience Mapping Template

Whenever you are thinking of capturing customer journeys, user journeys and end-to-end experience maps, use our template to get going.


Service Blueprint template

To begin a service blueprint can be daunting, let us help you to get started.


Akendi's 7 Design Principles Poster

At Akendi, we follow these seven principles whenever we create a design, conduct heuristic reviews, or analyze the results of a usability test.


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Offering insight and opinion on both foundational and cutting-edge user experience topics, our whitepapers are free to download. Take a deep dive into UX research and usability testing, mobile design, user personas, and more.

Making the inaccessible accessible

Examining the current state of mobile accessibility and the implications for users with physical impairments. Is there a "universal solution" to make mobile devices accessible for users of all levels of mobility?

By Jen Hennings


UX research & testing techniques

There are many methods for conducting user research, each of which bring distinctive value to the table at different stages in the UX design process. Learn how to find the right technique for the job.

By Fatima Kanji


Four traps UX practitioners
should know

There is a wealth of knowledge and research from psychology to economics that will teach UX practitioners how to conduct research, how research will be received, and above all about traps to avoid.

By Michelle Brown


7 reasons audio will save mobile user experience design

In the early days of the internet, hardware limitations made it impossible to depend on audio to deliver critical information. Mobile audio has changed the game and just might save your next interface design.

By Patrick Noonan


End-to-end experience
lifecycle strategies

While most organizations are familiar with concepts such as "user experience" and "brand experience", few realize that there are in fact six different types of experience to consider.

By Tedde van Gelderen


Managing user involvement in product development

Before you can successfully incorporate user feedback into the product development cycle, you need to understand why user feedback is often poorly gathered in the first place.

By Tedde van Gelderen


User personas research explained

Learn about personas, which are stand-ins or proxies for unique groups of people who share common goals and needs with respect to the use of a product or service.

By Tedde van Gelderen


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Short videos
Browse through our expert videos on UX strategy, research, testing, and more. These short videos will get you up to speed on the latest user experience technology, topics, and trends.


Business Requirements

How do you balance business requirements and user/customer requirements?

Watch the video


What is usability

What is Usability? Watch this video for a definition.

Watch the video


Measuring usability

When in the design process do I measure usability?

Watch the video


User personas explained

What are user personas? How do we research and develop them?

Watch the video


Customer Personas

What is the difference between user segments, market segments and customer personas and why does it matter?

Watch the video


How many users?

How many users do you perform usability testing with? How many different user types or user profiles do you test?

Watch the video


Expert Vs. User Based?

What about the difference between an expert based usability review and usability testing with end users?

Watch the video


What happens
in testing?

What happens in a typical usability testing session?

Watch the video


Self reported
vs. Observed

Find out the difference between self reported ratings and actual observed behaviour.

Watch the video


Hardware & mobile usability tests?

Can the usability tests performed on software, mobile apps, and web sites also be applied to hardware and physical spaces?

Watch the video


Usability testing in
the lab?

What is the difference between usability testing in a controlled lab vs. out of the lab?

Watch the video


Seeing trends
in behaviour

How many participants are necessary in usability testing to see trends in behaviour?

Watch the video

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Watch our experts discuss the UX trends and methods shaping the industry. Here, we share our insights, knowledge, and opinions on the most important UX matters.


Importance of
Experience Design

Tedde van Gelderen, President of Akendi, at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Watch the video

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Listen to analyses of key UX topics from top Akendi experts. Our podcasts feature in-depth discussions of topical issues impacting the customer and user experience.


UX Cornerstones

Janet Bewell, Senior Experience Architect talks about the cornerstones of UX design with Ian Rutter on 'Business Matters'

Listen to podcast


Web Psychology

Tedde van Gelderen, President of Akendi talks about The Psychology of Website Interaction with Marie Wiese on her 'Common Sense Marketer Podcast'

Listen to podcast

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