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Akendi UX Professional Training

Through our UX certification and training, Akendi helps your organisation
build a greater awareness, knowledge and skill in UX strategy, research and design.

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Akendi’s courses and certifications are designed to provide in-depth theory mixed with practical application exercises. Designed and taught by Akendi professionals in the field, attendees gain a clear understanding of the UX creation process, tools & techniques.

Akendi UX Certifications

Akendi offers in-depth User Experience certification programs that will help to recognize your user experience research & design expertise in your organisation. We offer three types of UX certification:

> Certified User Experience Researcher (CXR™)
> Certified User Experience Designer (CXD™)
> Certified User Experience Specialist (CXS™)

UX Certification can be done as an intensive program and completed in a week or a few courses at a time over as long as two years. Akendi UX Certification requires the passing of a final exam. The cost of the exam is included in the certification fee.

UX Training Courses

Individual courses can be taken on specific skills or as part of an Akendi UX certification. Akendi offers the following UX training courses:

> Intro to UX Design & Experience Thinking (AD-101) - 1 day
> Information Architecture Design (AD-102) - 1 day
> Mobile User Experience Design (AD-103) - 1 day
> GUI Interaction Design (AD-104) - 1 day
> Visual Design for User Experiences (AD-105) - 1 day
> User Experience Research (AR-205) - 1 day
> Experience Mapping (AR-207) - 1 day
> Usability Testing (AT-403) - 2 day

*The above courses have no specific prerequisites.

Custom on-site user experience training courses

Akendi also delivers introductory and advanced custom UX training courses to groups of 4 or more, either on-site or in one of our own training facilities. Participants will be provided with best practices, tools, techniques, examples, case studies and hands-on exercises. Custom course rates are available upon request, email at

Benefits of Akendi UX Professional Training

Join over 140 other organisations that benefited from our programs and prepare your team to become more competitive, improve delivery to your mandate, better manage external UX resources and make customer & user experience design an embedded culture in your product experience creations.

UX Training Outcomes

  • Gain a hands-on understanding of user experience practices
  • Develop an overview of the many facets of user experience thinking and how they can improve your design culture
  • Acquire a practical strategy for incorporating user experience into your organization
  • A comprehensive course handout and a large-scale visual representation of Akendi’s Experience Thinking process

CXS LogoWe invite all past participants to connect with other Akendi UX Designers and Researchers on our LinkedIn group

UX Training & Certification Fees

1 day Course 5 day CXD/R Certification
+ Exam
9 day CXS Certification
+ Exam
CAD $595 + tax CAD $2595 + tax CAD $4545 + tax

Cancellation Policy

Training program cost is per person as stated with a minimum 4 participants per course. Akendi reserves the right to cancel a scheduled training session up to 5 business days prior to the training if a minimum class size of 4 participants has not been attained. Akendi is not responsible for any travel or other costs incurred as result of a cancellation.

Cancellation fee is 15% if you cancel more than 4 weeks prior to training start date. We provide a 50% refund between 4 and 2 weeks before a course. No refunds when cancelling within 2 weeks of course start date.

Copyright & Recording

All Akendi course materials are copyrighted and owned exclusively by Akendi Inc. Each participant of our training courses agrees not to copy, modify or publish training materials and handouts.

Akendi does not allow any audio / visual recording of any kind in our training sessions.

UX training FAQ


Do you offer any discounts? Yes, we offer a student discount of 10% off individual courses. The student must be currently registered and have a valid student ID. A group discount of 10% is also available when three people from the same organization register for the same courses at the same time. If more than six people are attending from your organization, please contact to discuss custom training options
How can I pay? Courses and Certification programs can be paid through creditcard. If requested, we will issue an invoice statement in addition to the pdf confirmation that is sent out as part of the credit card payment.
I'm travelling to attend the course and can't stay to write the exam. Do you offer the exam on-line or remotely? Exams must be written on-site and are proctored by an Akendi staff member. We suggest contacting us at to discuss alternative arrangements before you register.
Is Akendi certification recognized world wide? Akendi UX training and certification is quickly becoming a prestigious and recognized postgraduate certification for UX designers. We work hard to ensure our materials are current and our instructors are qualified to lead advanced training in UX.
Do I need a laptop? A laptop is recommended for the Information Architecture, IA Research, Usability Testing and GUI Design courses.
Are the training materials available online or in PDF? At this time we do not provide training materials in PDF or online.
Where and when is the next course? The time and location of the next courses are posted in the training section of the Akendi website. Please let us know if you'd like a training course in your location and we will take this into consideration.
Can I add course outcomes to my portfolio? Though group work and hands on work is performed in the programs, the exercises are designed to develop skills and performance in UX, not to build a portfolio. Most courses are a blend of theory and practicum.
What are the prerequisites? There are no specific prerequisites for the courses.
Is Akendi coming to my city? Akendi regularly travels to deliver certification training. If you are interested in having your city host a session, and would like to be notified when that happens, please contact us at
Is there a discount if I have to travel to attend? (Fly in) Unfortunately, no discount is given for those who travel to take the training.
Do you provide discounts on accommodation if I have to travel for the training? No, Akendi does not currently have any relationships that can offer a discount on accommodation in all the cities we provide training.
Do I have to complete the courses within a certain timeframe? Most participants complete the certification within a one-week intensive program, however, if you are completing certification through individual courses you have two years to complete. If more time is required, you may request an extension by emailing
How big are the classes? Class sizes vary from 5 to 20 participants. We limit the maximum number of participants to ensure enough opportunity for questions and discussions during the training sessions.
Is there a cut-off date to register? Registration will stay open until a maximum number of students have been reached (20).
Do you accept international students? Students have traveled from outside of Canada and UK to attend our training programs, however, as we are not an educational institution we cannot provide a student VISA.
If English isn’t my native language, do you require a TOEFL, IELTS or GRE score to attend? Though English language test scores are not required for any of our courses, the course content revolves around abstract concepts and requires a firm grasp of the English language. We recommend a fairly high English language proficiency to ensure that all concepts and exercises are followed and understood (approximately TOEFL 80-90 score, IELTS 5.0 - 6.0 points, TOEIC 785-944 points).
How can I have an invoice sent to me so I can submit it for payment? To request an invoice, please contact
Do you accept personal cheques? Currently, Akendi doesn't accept personal cheques. You can pay through credit card or invoice, to be completed prior to start of training session.
Can I pay over the phone? We do not accept payments over the phone. Please use the online form for both registration and payment.
Do you offer custom training? Yes, we offer custom UX training. A minimum group size of six is recommended. Please contact to discuss the options.
When will I see exam results? Each certification requires a passing grade of 70% on the final exam. Results will be calculated and sent approximately two weeks after the exam date.
What is the difference between CXD and CXR? Akendi offers three types of certification: CXD (Certified User Experience Designer), CXR (Certified User Experience Researcher) and CXS (Certified User Experience Specialist). The Research and Design certification can be done in a weeklong intensive training. To complete both certifications qualifies you as a Certified User Experience Specialist.
What type of materials do you use in the course? Each participant receives a handout and additional resources to be used during exercises. Participants of the certification track also receive a large poster of the Akendi Experience Thinking process.
What does a typical training day look like? We start at 9.00 with introductions of everyone with an actual start of 9.15. There is a mid morning break around 10.30, lunch is at 12.00 to 13.00 with in the afternoon a break at 14.30. Each day ends between 16.30 and 17.00 depending on the conversation and any questions.

Training questions? See our FAQ section, contact Shaun Illingworth at
or 1.613.688.0906 x0

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What past attendees have said

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Mobile UX Design

Ask us about where recent Certified User Experience Designers
& Researchers came from!


User experience Specialist™ (CXS™) Certification

This is our full program. Courses cover research, design and testing to give the UX specialist a deep and comprehensive understanding of UX process and the skills to apply it.

This course includes 9 full days of training and a 3-hour certification exam.

User Experience Designer™ (CXD™) Certification

This is our design program. Courses cover experience design to give the UX designer a deep and comprehensive understanding of UX design process and the skills to apply it.

This course includes 5 full days of training and a 3-hour certification exam.

User experience Researcher™ (CXR™) Certification

This is our research program. Courses cover research and testing to give the UX researcher a deep and comprehensive understanding of UX research process and the skills to apply it.

This course includes 5 full days of training and a 3-hour certification exams.

Certification Course list

Introduction to User Experience Design
& Experience Thinking - 1 day
User Experience Research - 1 day
Information Architecture - 1 day
Information Architecture Research - 1 day
Mobile User Experience Design - 1 day
GUI Interaction Design - 1 day
Visual Design for User Experiences - 1 day
Usability Testing - 2 days
  • 9
  • 5
  • 5

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